My name is Anthony, Québécois father of two special-needs ruffians and worker of the nightshift. It’s a very lonely life and there’s little time at all for myself nor people to talk to. Podcasting is the perfect remedy: I can talk to my own self AND do it without looking insane.. mostly.

After Midnight is a show of five songs related to a different topic each episode. If you’d like to suggest a theme, some songs, discuss an episode, be a special guest or even a collaborator, use the menu up there to send me a shout-out or find me on Twitter.

Thank you for visiting my page, and if you tune-in to the podcast I hope you liked it as much as I love recording it. And if you get the munchies while listening, I got you covered!

Look me up on Twitter, Facebook and Discord, or drop me a line below and I’ll get back to you ready-set-Go!