Working 9 to 5


Disappointingly enough, no one ever asks why I chose “After Midnight” as a title for a music podcast, and since y’all insist on not asking, it is because I wanted to make the kinda podcast that I like to listen to during my working hours which are at night. Therefore it is quite baffling, if only to me, that I never before thought of “work” as an episode topic.

I truly do hope that after more than 2 years my little show found some, among my audience, for whom it has been a companion in the dark while everybody else is chasing Zees. It certainly has been a therapeutic experience for me to have that distraction of producing it when the sun is down, and so with a very special assist from two veritable ANGELS, wonderful sisters Brandi & Sunni from Book of Lies, I propose to you THIS time a set of songs about Laboring!

Apple Podcasts:
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If you like the songs or want to listen to them ALL, you can find the entire set on the episode’s own YouTube Playlist (the one that’s right down there…)!


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