With a Little Help: Drinks

Way back when I started this little venture I had no idea I would still be doling it 2 years later; I met amazing people, discovered awesome music and I cannot help feeling that the best is yet to come.

For a while I felt I should let listeners in on the fun and have more of a voice, and let the music I play be their own choice. So over the next few months I will revisit the original batch of topics covered on the show, but this time… With a Little Help!

In this special offshoot of After Midnight, I ask listeners and Netizens to suggest songs related to the topic at hand, then alongside a special co-host review and discover those suggestions.

This time around, Californian J-Bacon, impossibly-nice host of “On the Dance Floor”, helps me sift through 14 songs about DRINKS!

Homepage https://bit.ly/2Il373h
Apple https://apple.co/2UICs7k
Spotify https://spoti.fi/2IkXtyj
Tune-in https://bit.ly/2ImDSOb
Sticher https://bit.ly/2UoDkOR

If you like the songs or want to listen to them ALL, you can find the entire setlist of suggestions on the episode’s own YouTube Playlist (the one that’s right down there…)!

A huge THANK YOU for song submissions from Redditors heybaggageclaim, Tasker_Morris, Benenewton, Cumst, XSATC, Celtic Moose, AinslieBM, Hurdlelove, Vladrud and SvoegetlinNH,
And Big Friggin BOOYAH to our episode superstars AstroHound & cptjackpidgeot!!


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