Nowhere Man

Two months ago I posted an episode of After Midnight that I honestly, hand-on-heart thought would be my last. I was planning on fading away, leaving behind something that brought me great joy and solace, but also heartache.

My health took a tumble around that time, and so did most of my personal relationships. My reaction was to nuke everything and close-in on myself until it’s finally time for me to check out. Many sci-fi writers have dedicated large chunks of their career arguing that humanity is bent on self-annihilation, and though I will not point to the Mango Mussolini as proof of such a concept, I can attest that it is part of dealing with PTSD.

Just as time wounds all eels, I too swam back to the pond that once was my safe harbor, and let myself be convinced to not give up on this icing on the cake. However because these ARE demanding times for all of us and my body recently notified me that I need to give it some TLC, After Midnight will come to you once a month, rather than weekly. The GOOD news is if this is your first time listening to this podcast, you have 67 awesome previous entries to check out. And if you already did, lucky devil: you get to do it again!

For this week though, since this little spent the better part of the last 9 weeks going Nowhere, I thought fitting to make that the theme of the… month.


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