Rock yer Body

It's your 1st and last possession in this world, the only thing that will truly be with you in sickness and health until death. The human body drops and gives you 5 songs in this week's After Midnight! LISTEN or DOWNLOAD: Whooshkaa iTunes Spotify Tune-in Sticher If you like what’s... Continue Reading →


Life’s Time

Because it will come to an end is why we should enjoy every stage our existence. Like taking the time and listen to this week's 5 songs about the span of our life. LISTEN or DOWNLOAD HERE Life's Time If you like what's in your earholes please throw a review on iTunes. Don't know why,... Continue Reading →

Steps & Bodily Motions

You can't dance without music, and music can't help making you dance. This week's 5 (ish) songs are all about the shaking of the booty! LISTEN or DOWNLOAD HERE Steps & Bodily Motions This episode also features a completely original and (so far) exclusive song by the very talent Lady Dee Baojao with her kick-ass... Continue Reading →

Praise You Like I Should

If it's nice to hear, it's very much worth being said. Compliments can change someone's entire day and maybe more, so here's my 5 favorite songs that were written as admiration! LISTEN or DOWNLOAD HERE Praise You Like I Should You can also find all the songs featured in this episode right down here!

Laces Wild

Because they go wherever you will, every step of the way, let's celebrate footwear with 5 kicking songs! LISTEN or DOWNLOAD HERE Laces Wild You can also find all the songs featured in this episode right down here!

In my Beginning

Shorter, Better and Far From Over!! For the rebirth of my show, here's my Top-5 songs from the year I was born! LISTEN or DOWNLOAD HERE In my Beginning You can also find all the songs featured in this episode right down here!

Get the Puck Outta Here

My goal this week is step up my game as I aim to lift a weight off your shoulders: let's get the ball rolling on these 10 songs about Sports! LISTEN or DOWNLOAD HERE Get the Puck Outta Here A HUGE shout-out to Mathieu Beaulieu, fantastic artist responsible for the amazing artwork up there! You can... Continue Reading →

Leave a Message

Phones allow us to get in contact with anyone on the planet at the touch of a tone, but also makes it much easier to ignore each other. Is it any wonder we all feel so disconnected? This week' s 10 songs concern phones and calling. If you’d like to get in on the discussion,... Continue Reading →

One Small Step

If music and moonlight mix together just right, your entire night is about to take flight! Your set list for this week is music for the moon...a'ight? If you’d like to get in on the discussion, make suggestions or just say Hi, touch base at LISTEN or DOWNLOAD HERE One Small Step You can also... Continue Reading →

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